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i was wondering when this will happen…..

marketing gold

this was only a matter of time

no you don’t understand, it means ‘a laundry with no regrets’, in which ‘a laundry’ shares the same reading with ‘a choice’


Pro tip: start watching Free! as a joke then notice how your life turns into an emotional wreck after that 


this was supposed to be a rinharu moving in together hc. it still is, it’s just stupidly long now bye

it’s small things at first. rin forgets one of his pencils at haru’s house after a study session and when haru finds it under the table he doesn’t think much of it. he puts it on the table, but finds that whenever he walks by the room his eyes are drawn to it. it’s distracting and it figures that even rin’s pencils would be distracting. even his pencils would catch his eye, just like rin himself. the next time rin comes over he throws it at him “you forgot this last time” and rin looks confused before he laughs “i guess i did. thanks haru”.

the more rin visits the more he leaves behind, and haru isn’t sure whether the sweater sitting on the floor where rin took it off was forgotten or if rin meant to leave it behind. he picks it up, folds it, and puts it in his room and he tries to forget about it. he actually does until he’s about to head to bed and passes by it. he stops, picks it up and feels the material and he thinks he can still feel the heat of rin’s body where it clung to him. ‘it’s cold. i’m cold’ haru reasons, and puts the sweater on before crawling into bed and lying flat on his back. he raises his arms and notices it’s a bit too big, the sleeves a bit too long, but it’s warm. the sweater is warm and it smells like rin and haru finds himself relaxing. when he dreams that night it’s of reds and blues and golds, water and wind and the sound of a hand slapping the wall. the sound of cheers and rin calling his name.

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Wild Rin appears!

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quality time with rin

inspired by this

im really sorry


Just in case you needed to see what absolute heartbreak looks like frame by frame